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China ice stunning America Garr Weiss Leighton Moodie Garden
Add time:2017-03-20 Houston on 15 November, (reporter Zhang Yongxing) 15 days China ice sculpture masterpiece in USA Texas South Garr Weiss meal on the island of Moodie garden stunning debut, the fantasy world of ice and snow, beautiful sculptures, brought the festive joy and celebration for the local people, China exercise ones inventive mind ice sculpture art has won the American favorite and praise.

  On the same day, the weather is cold, Misty drizzle, but this did not affect USA spectators came to appreciate the theme of "snow island" -- SpongeBob SquarePants ice show enthusiasm. The reporter saw, in the Moodie garden on the parking lot, a top large white tents, spent 45 days from 31 ice master of Chinese ice sculpture in the kingdom of Harbin, will be more than 6000 pieces of the total weight of 900 tons of ice carved into more than 50 pieces of beautiful works of art. Into this area of over 2600 square meters of white tents, like a place of fantasy wonderful snow world and fairy tale world. 

  This is Chinas Sichuan Zigong Xinya lantern cultural industry limited company first hand in hand with the Moodie garden and Nick International Childrens entertainment channel, will China Sculpture Art and American cartoon clever combination of a bold attempt. Organizers Moodie garden admits that this "ice island" creative activity is held in China a few years ago in Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival inspired. At that time, more than 3000 of the worlds top artists to create up to 100 acres of ice and snow park, with up to one million pounds of ice completed thousands of a giant ice sculpture works of art. In order to each annual Moodie garden lantern festival etc. into the entertainment activities to celebrate the out of the ordinary, unique vision brings extraordinary for the local people to enjoy, Moodie garden  

  management this year decided to Nickelodeons "SpongeBob SquarePants underwater world" as the theme, animation scenes set in the Pacific Ocean is a called "bikini bottom" of the city, the story revolves around the protagonist "SpongeBob SquarePants", his partners and neighbors expansion. The ice forms, the eastern art and Western Cartoon Animation combine.

  Moodie garden CEO John Zandt introduces to the reporter said, only those ice, enough to fill 42 trucks. Kung Fu people. The industrious and intelligent Chinese sculpture masters efforts, a lifelike sculptures was born, let the Americans witnessed a stunning sculpture art.

  As a member of the 31 ice sculpture master, Fan Yongqiang also filled with pride. He says to the reporter, this is them for the first time in years with color made of ice ice art, which is full of challenges, but also full of boundless joy overcome challenges after. He personally produced "jellyfish region" sculptures, using up to 10 colors, but the whole team sculptures includes 42 kind of colors, is colorful, whimsical.

  The reporter notices, stroll along the ice kingdom of the audience for the magical charm of virtuosity Chinese ice sculpture ice sculpture art master and Chinese touched and impressed. They considered the sculptures exquisite, delicate, full of movement and vitality of life. The audience Linda Wilson said: "this is I saw the most beautiful ice sculpture works, they are colorful, unique and amazing, full of movement and it is difficult to resist the charm of art."

  With the words Sichuan Zigong Xinya lantern cultural industry Co., U.S. representative office director Lu Kunxiong, this is a the people loved activities beneficial attempt to the spread of Chinese sculpture art and culture. "The sponge" is the United States in the past 10 years to the highest ratings of the card through the animation program, the favorite for the American public. China ice sculptors through exquisite artistry, "SpongeBob" the main characters and situations creatively as the carrier through the ice, vitality. The audience in the appreciation of works of art at the same time, also be the infection, so as to deepen the understanding of Chinese culture and art. 

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