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Visiting Chinese Ambassador
Add time:2017-03-10

  In November 11, 2013, during the Chinese embassy ambassador Cui Tiankais visit to Dallas, Houston in the consulate general consul general Xu Erwen, cultural counsellor Cai Lian Group accompanied by, visited the second China Lantern Festival held in downtown Fairbanks Park in the city of Dallas, the state of Texas. General manager Huang Dechun president and Li Zhongwen organizers Zigong Xinya lantern cultural industry limited company to report the "Dallas to the ambassador? China Lantern Festival" the preparation and display case. Ambassador Cui for New Asia Co to seize the opportunity, the promotion of China culture by means of market, strengthen the Sino US cultural exchanges make contribution to be sure, the chairman Huang Dechun led the committee do a solid job in market research, elaborate design display much America peoples favorite lantern praised.

  The second session of the Chinese Lantern Festival by the Zigong Xinya lantern cultural industry Co Ltd, a joint exhibit Texas Expo and Dallas City Hall. The Texas State Fair is the largest America state fairs, has 127 years of history, the number of visitors each year, as many as about three million. Following last year China Lantern Festival the first successful show, New Asia Co, bold innovation, increase capital investment, put the lights this year do more beautiful more bright, performances and into the Sichuan opera face, China acrobatics, folk art and folk culture. Since its inception in September 27th, has attracted many America local people, overseas Chinese, Chinese tourists come to watch, get the praise, acclaim.

  Chinese lantern charming style, the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture, let Cui embassy greatly. For the expression of Chinese lantern festival support, urging the ambassador also personally pay, buy Chinese crafts. Before leaving, the ambassador special condolences to the Chinese Lantern Festival staff, thanking them for the promotion of friendship between the two peoples and make contributions.



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