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The 2012 Dallas Lantern Festival American China pre production started in Zigong
Add time:2017-04-21

  May 20th - 2012 Dallas Lantern Festival American China pre preparatory work is currently progressing smoothly. Light group of domestic production in 2012 May in Zigong at the beginning of the company production base construction, the workers are braved the intense heat of summer in wildly beating gongs and drums to carry out. 

  All 2012 Dallas Lantern Festival Lantern USA Chinese by independent design Zigong Xinya lantern cultural industry company ltd.. The Lantern Festival is composed of 22 groups of large lamp assembly. At present the lamp group on a variety of small cartoon animal such as ants, flamingo, panda lamp group, flowers and light group modeling various welding production has been basically completed, and now the company paperhanger is careful to do the decoration paper work appearance.

  The first lamp group semi-finished and finished products will be held in early 7 to USA Dallas.

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